Visual Beauty on Social Media

If you are an organization that relies heavily on visuals and the sort, then I wholeheartedly believe you should have an Instagram page for your organization. Personally, I love Instagram. It’s probably one of my top three favorite social media sites, and on that site, I even follow a few brands and nonprofit accounts that I think use Instagram to their advantage.

In terms of brands, there are a few that come to mind as using Instagram and sites like it to their advantage. A few that come to mind include National Geographic, Saturday Night Live, and HomeGoods.

Some photos from the mentioned Instagram pages (left: HomeGoods, SNL, National Geo)

There are two brands that I think go above and beyond when it comes to Instagram: NoYourCity and Ballet de l Opera de Paris.

First, NoYourCity is an account that shares photos of New York City. The photos are so beautiful! I’m talking professional grade beauty right here. I think this site does a really good job of showing the positive parts of New York. It also does a good job of showing that the images you post on Instagram don’t necessarily need to have a bunch of things happening in them. They can be super simple but still get the point you intended across.


The other brand that I think does a very good job of using Instagram is Ballet de l Opera de Paris. This one also has images that are more simple in concept, but are still beautiful! I don’t about you, but I can’t fly to Paris at the drop of a hat to take in a ballet, so I appreciate this account because it shares images of the productions they put on. One of the other things I LOVE about their account is they use up the whole ‘three photos a line’ aspect of Instagram. It’s hard to put into words what I mean, so I’ll just show you.


You see what I mean?

Now, apart from brands that I follow, I did happen to come across a certain nonprofit account that I think does a very good job at using the account. That account belongs to NeverThirst. This account belongs to an organization that… well I’ll let them explain it. “We are called to bring clean water, health and hope to those who lack access to what many of us take for granted every day” This account is very nice because it does a number of things via their photos. The first is that it shows the crisis for clean water by showing what the water looked like before filters were installed.screen-shot-2017-02-07-at-11-44-32-pm

It also posts pictures showing the people who are helped with the clean water, which does a good job of emotionally connecting with the followers. This photo that I found is one of my favorites for that exact reason


Overall, I think that all the accounts I talked about in this post do a very good job of using Instagram for their advantage. Not every brand that has an account, nor every nonprofit, does a very good job at getting their message across with their account, but these do. Personally, I don’t follow many brands except for the two I said were my favorite, but some of the other ones I listed I might actually follow now because the pictures they post are just so enticing. Honestly, some of these brands have better Instagram accounts that I do… maybe I should have been taking notes.