Elevator Pitches and The Emotional Terror They Bring

Just to start this post off, I hate public speaking. Seriously, I would rather do anything else besides stand in front of people and give a formal talk. So when I was told that I had to give an elevator pitch by myself without a notecard or slides or anything else to help me remember things, I started freaking out. I knew what I wanted to say, I knew what I needed to say, but I knew that the minute I stood up there to give my pitch, something would go right out the window (mentally) and I would just stand up there like an idiot. Thankfully, that didn’t happen. 

In the term of planning for my pitch, when I was coming to figure out what to say, I found that Google was my best friend. Eventually, I ended up with ElevatorPitchEssentials.com, a website that gives examples of what to do when you have to give an elevator pitch. All of the examples it gave were very helpful, in my opinion, but the main one that I felt weird about was introducing myself.

Now, I only gave my speech to my teacher, we were literally the only two people in the room. I can’t even imagine how awkward I would feel if I had to introduce myself to my whole class. Don’t get me wrong, in situations where you don’t know the person you are giving your pitch to, I entirely understand why you are introducing yourself, but this is a class of all seniors in the same department. We know each other, some of us very very well. So introducing ourselves just felt weird, at least to me. 

I didn’t necessarily think it was hard to come up with my pitch was difficult, however thinking of how to fit all my information into a speech that couldn’t be longer than 60 seconds was much more stressful than I could have ever expected. I had to rewrite my speech a few times because on the first few tries I found that I wasn’t getting all the necessary information in there by the time required. Because of that, it was entirely too hard (in my opinion) to write this speech and make it seem natural. There was no way (in my mind) to make this flow in a way that sounds like a conversation. 

Overal, I think that the elevator pitch went well, or at the very least I learned a topic that I can use later on in my life. Even if I’m not pitching a project, at least I can do a version of the elevator pitch for myself. Who knows, maybe it will end with me getting a job. Or at least, one can hope. 



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