One Sentence…. Only One???

I’m not going to lie, when I first heard about the prompt for this week’s blog post, I thought it was going to be easy. Me? A girl who writes on her laptop more than she does anything else, come up with a single sentence? Easy! But now? Now I wish the prompt was literally ANYTHING else! Seriously, this prompt has caused me to just stare at my computer for hours on end just wondering what I could write.


Now, for those readers who have no idea what this ‘one sentence’ thing is about, you can check out this video for a better explanation. Basically, it needs to be a sentence that explains what my personal brand is, and if you have no idea what that concept is either, go ahead and click here.

When it came time for me to draft my own single sentence, I went through a sort-of worksheet that was supposed to help me. Here is a cut-down version of that worksheet (meaning here are the aspects of it that I found most helpful in drafting my final copy)

  1. My top three personal strengths:

          -Family oriented

         – Creative

         – Hard Working

Ok, so we have a handful of skills I think I exceed at, now what? I mean, these skills are things that you can find in any Cosmo or People personality quiz, how are they going to help me? Well, let’s look at the second question:

2. My top three talents:


            -Writing skills

            -Multi-tasking ability

Now, these? These I can work with… well kind of. Basically, the main get away from these last two questions is that I’m obviously a creative person (ignoring that I wrote ‘creative’ as a personality trait) I listed two of my top three talents as something creative: music and writing. But my sentence can’t just be something like ‘I’m a creative person’, that’s lame. So what else could I put?

Then, my eyes lingered a bit on the first personality trait I wrote down: Family oriented. For those of you reading this who don’t know, I’m the oldest of six kids, the youngest being ten/almost 11-year-old triplets. I would do anything for my siblings, my family in general. And when I say family, I don’t just mean those who I’m biologically related to. I mean my friends, my roommate, my fellow pep band members, sorority sister, you name it. If we are close in any sense of the word (except proximity… I’m hoping you get what I mean by close here), chances are I will do whatever it takes to make you happy and help you if you need it.

At that moment, my sentence came to me. Well, a version of my sentence came to me, which I tweaked more times than I can count until I came to rest on the following 15-word phrase that I think describes me perfectly:

She puts people before herself while trying to make the world a more creative place.


4 thoughts on “One Sentence…. Only One???

  1. Rowan, I sympathize with you completely on trying to encapsulate your entire life and goals for the future into one sentence. I also write a lot and admit it usually comes easy to me, however this assignment in particular really made me think, and think, and think. For what it’s worth I think your end result was pretty spot on! All your struggling paid off because I think you sentence really speaks to what you value and what motivates you.


  2. Awesome blog post, Rowan! I love your writing style – it’s so personable and I enjoy how you incorporate your sense of humor into these posts. I definitely relate to your difficulty coming up with one sentence to describe yourself. At first it seems like a simple exercise, but it’s more challenging beneath the surface. It probably has something to do with creative writers; how are you supposed to summarize all your thoughts into one declarative statement? Even so, I think what you’ve come up with for your sentence is wonderful. We need more compassion and creativity.


  3. You can tell based on just this post that you write and have mastered putting your own flavor into your writing! Based on what I have learned about you in class and from this one blog post I think that you sentence captures who you are and will become perfectly! Keep writing because I think your doing something right!


  4. Rowen, I really liked your post. It was fun to read and it was really animated so that was cool. I kind of had the same problem you had when trying to come up with just one sentence. It is good to see we both figured it out though and it seems like we found out a little bit about ourselves along the way.


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