Class Wrap-Up!

16 weeks, 2 tests and, as of this very post you are currently reading, 10 blog posts. Over the course of this semester, we have covered almost every concept under the sun: types of jobs in the media, advertising and how it affects everyday life, photojournalism, and so on. There were some things in class I enjoyed immensely, and some things I didn’t enjoy quite as much.


Let’s start with the good things. One of the main things I enjoyed during the time I was in this class was all the videos we were shown. Ranging from John Oliver to Stephen Colbert,  all the videos we were shown were always entertaining and full of information. Another thing I liked, and this plays into some of the things I don’t like as well, is everything that we did that wasn’t simply a powerpoint. For instance, the exercise where we were given a noun and we had to create an app, website, or the such that would sell that noun and still make money. While that was difficult given the word I received (Seriously, how does a single individual sell the word ‘hope’?) I actually really enjoyed it. It was fun in some respects, it made me think in a way I never actually had to before, which I guess is why I enjoyed it.

Now on to the negatives: there aren’t many. In fact, there is actually only one. While I enjoyed the lessons we learned and everything like that, I didn’t enjoy that everything we seemed to learn came in the way of PowerPoints. Sometimes, and this may be because on the days we have class I’ve been listening to lectures for the last 3-4 hours, it gets very difficult to follow another lecture. Not that the lectures weren’t informative and entertaining, for the most part they were, just sometimes it is difficult to listen to someone talk at you for 50 minutes and be able to retain everything that is said.

Overall, I enjoyed this class more than I thought I would. I learned a lot and it made me realize exactly what I was getting myself into with a career in Journalism.


Justin Kemerling: My Review

I am not an artistic person. Ok, that may be an understatement. I can’t even draw stick people without them looking like they were chopped in half and put back together by a drunk toddler. Because of this pleasant fact, I always simply assume that graphic design and myself were not two things that would mix well.


With that belief in mind, I was pleasantly surprised to say the least by Justin Kemerling’s presentation. Simply listening to all the work he had done with various organizations and the causes they stand for (see a few here) was really cool in my opinion. The video he showed in class, the one he made to try and convince people to vote, was really well done and I thought it was super cool and pretty effective. That may have been one of my favorite things he showed us, that and all of the stuff he helped the ‘Pipeline Fighters’ (I have to say I love this title he created for them.).

Justin seemed like a very down-to-earth guy who was super easy to understand and follow as he explained exactly what he did in his day-to-day career. Whatever questions were thrown at him, he always seemed to come up with coherent, easy to understand answers.

I really liked the work he does with non-profit organizations. For some reason I didn’t think it was going to be like how he described it to be (very vague, I know), but it was actually really interesting to hear about and I’m super glad I got to listen to him speak.


Overall, I’m very impressed with everything Justin Kemerling has done in his career and everything he showed our class in his presentation. It made me realize that being artistic is only one skill that a graphic designer needs to be successful in his or her career. While I am not artistic, I think if graphic design is something I want to pursue in my future, I may just do it… not that I think it is, but you know, now I feel like if it was I could do it… but I probably won’t.