Reactions to: “Angels and Ghosts: Anatomy of a Story”

Let me preface this review with this statement: I am not a very emotional person. I rarely cry at movies I watch or books I read (I think the the last movie I cried at was Inside Out  and that was only because my mom was sitting next to me and was sobbing), and while this article didn’t make me openly cry, it did make me feel more than I was expecting it to.


The issues she is referring to is something that no parents should ever have to deal with, but to many in this world are forced to. Given the emotion of the situation, most journalists would have stayed clear, but not Diana Sugg. She went into the situation head on and, despite getting emotional at times, didn’t shy away from anything, which I really admired. If I were in her shoes, I do not believe I would have been able to handle the situation the way she did; in fact I would probably have spent a majority of the time freaking out about if I was being overly personal with my questions or presence.

The major question this article makes you ask is this: Were they being vultures when they ‘gathered information’ from the family of a dying child? In my opinion, they were not. It wasn’t as though they holding microphones and tape recorders to the parents’s faces as their child was dying in front of them, she was very laid back in a sense where she was only in the room if the parents and the child allowed them and didn’t ask any question she felt was too personal. Apart from the actual ‘interview’ part (I put interview in quotes because in my opinion she did so much more than simply interview the people in her article), even after the child died, Diana stayed in contact with R.J.’s mother in order to tell her about the article, but even more than that. She listened to her, and not just when she was asked questions that Sugg waned to use in her article; Sugg listened to her every single day, no matter the topic matter. Most journalists wouldn’t stay this connected to a ‘source’ after their stories were over, but Diana did, which made me even more emotionally attached to this article than I already was.

Overall, I really enjoyed this article (more than I thought I would initially). Not only was it interesting to read and very easy for me to get through, but it kept me emotionally connected from basically the first word to the last, almost to the point where I didn’t want it to end. I HIGHLY recommend this article to basically anyone, I enjoyed it that much.


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