Living In The Moment…Maybe?

You feel like something is missing, but for the life of you you can not put your finger on exactly what it is. Mental checklist time: Purse? Check. Wallet? Check. Phone? A cold terror overcomes you as the sudden realization hits. The bottom of your stomach drops out from under you as your mouth goes dry. That’s it. The one thing you felt was missing  from the second you walked out of the house this morning. You. Forgot. Your. Phone!

Chances are, you’ve experienced this feeling at least once in your life (If not, I officially hate you for not going through this terror I know only too well). But the question this feeling poses to me is this: Why does the lack of our phone, which is our constant access to social media and the like, terrify us in such a way? Why does it feel like the Earth has stopped rotating just because that tiny piece of plastic is no longer within your reach? Simple: It’s all we know.

Let’s start with this: The majority of people who seem to be on their phones 24/7 are those who fall into Generation Y and Generation Z (1980-1994, and 1995-present respectively), but mostly the latter of the two. Journalists state the reason for this generation (my generation) being ‘obsessed’ with their phones, is because it’s all we’ve known, which I have to say is basically true. For example, the first flip phone, the Motorola StarTAC, came out in early 1996. Now, I don’t know about you reader, but when I think of early models of cell phones, I immediately picture the flip phone, slowly followed by the initial Iphone, which was realized in June of 2007. Internet on a phone, a concept we see as universal today, was released in 2002, when the oldest of Generation Z was 6.

Now, seeing as this generation has basically grown up with the concept of cell phones and the internet being paired, it’s only natural that we (and yes I use ‘we’ as the collective because I am guilty of this too) use our phones as a clutch of sorts, having them on us so much that older generations see it as obsessive (Case in point). In some ways I agree with them; some members of my generation are on their phones all the time! They even go on dates and they can’t look up from their phones, when, in order to enjoy live, they just need to look up. Am I guilty of being on my phone in class? Absolutely, I’d be lying if I claimed otherwise. Am I guilty of being on my phone when I’m hanging out with friends/my boyfriend? Incredibly guilty, but I’m still not on the phone 24/7. I know when to put it away and enjoy the situation I find myself in, knowing not to attempt to capture every second for Snapchat or anything of the like, not doing random things “for the Vine.” So the only thing I ask for you to take away from this entry, dear reader, is just the you attempt to live in the moment and not take the people around you and the situations you find yourself in for granted. Because, while you think your Snapchat and Instagram posts will be there forever, the people in your life and the situations you can’t get back, won’t.


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