In The Beginning…

Since this is my first blog post, I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume not a lot of you know me, so let me start off with a brief introduction. My name’s Rowan and I am a 20 year old Journalism major at Creighton University. I, like most of my generation it seems, have my phone attached to my hip, which I am on CONSTANTLY. Seriously, between texting, social media, and other games, I am on my phone almost 24/7, which is both a good thing and bad in some ways. Obviously I don’t use my phone while I drive (I’m not stupid), but most other times, if I’m bored I unconsciously reach for my phone, even in class! I’m also on my laptop much of the time, either surfing various shopping sites or watching the latest viral video someone sent me or was talking about in class. I feel like most people I know are like that, they are both attached to their phones and to their laptops, having access to news and entertainment literally at the push of a button. These people are completely connected to the social online world without actually being connected to anything else around them, they are “Super Connected”.

In terms of who I am when it comes to technology, and how I get my news, I tend to spend much of my free time on the Internet. Between the various forms of social media I use (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr…you get the idea), I tend to see the major news stories across most of my “feeds” through the people I’m friends with or follow.

Another way I get my news is through a podcast called Millennial. Through this podcast, which if you don’t know is “a program (as of music or talk) made available in digital format for automatic download over the Internet”, a group of 20-somethings go through the week’s biggest news, all while adding their own comical take on things. In my opinion, it is MSNBC meets Comedy Central, which is a great way for me to learn the major news of the week while not being bored out of my mind by listening to Keith Olbermann or Wolf Blitzer for about an hour (the length of the average episode of Millennial).

Now, I am the first to admit, I have a obsession with YouTube. My roommates would go so far as to call it unhealthy seeing as it is the first link under my “Most Visited” tab on my laptop and the “Most Visited” app on my phone. Between the various comedy people I watch, the trailers I search to reminisce about my earlier years, or the music videos I watch (or more frequently dance to), there isn’t very much in the way of news. But, there are two sources on Youtube in particular that give me the most news. Those two are John Oliver and Philip DeFranco.


These shows, much like Millennial, are weekly and daily (respectively) YouTube shows (John Oliver is also showed on HBO once a week) that combine comedy and the latest news story. These shows are super easy to watch in my option and, even though I find myself laughing through most of it, I actually find myself taking something out of them each time I watch. I like to call these shows “Comic News”

So, thats about it. That, in a nutshell, is a bit about me and how I get my news. Granted I am not a perfect example of the stereotypical college student in today’s world, but I feel like the ways I get my news are easy ways for others, especially those who don’t like to sit down and read a paper everyday or watch super boring news anchors to get their perception of events. They combine humor and information, which is just how I like my news.


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